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Every homeowner will always try to improve their homes to ensure their homes stand out. Although there are many ways to give your home a unique look, one option is by establishing a lawn. Your home will be on a new level with a well-maintained green lawn. It is also another way to add value to your home. Although installing a lawn can be done in various ways, sodding is increasingly becoming popular.

A sod comprises of soil and grass held by a root system or a biodegradable material. Sod is, however, grown first, then harvested and delivered to the consumer. There are many places where sod can be installed such as schools, homes, sports stadiums, businesses, and golf courses. If you are considering a sod lawn, however, you need to find North Yolk’s best choice for sodding.

Since different grass will grow better in different conditions, there is a variety of sod. You will find the sod that would grow in any condition but some varieties are for specific areas. When choosing sold, therefore, you need to choose the one that is suitable for your areas. You will need to get sod that will be suitable for the climate, as well as other challenges where it will be grown. Again, find a sod that gives your lawn your best appearance.

There are various reasons why sodding has increasingly become popular. Some of the advantages of sod lawn include the following.

1. Instant lawn.

The good thing about sodding is that it is instant. This is different from seeding that takes many months to grow. If you opt for seeding, you will have to remain with a bare for a long time until the lawn grows and is established. Sodding will, however, provide instant aesthetic value to the yard and will be established within two weeks.

You will also be able to use your sod lawn for heavy activities after two weeks. Because of this, it is the fastest lawn planting option that provides immediate beauty to your yard. An average size yard will also take a few hours to install.

2. Professionally grown.

Sold is grown for sale by experts. They know how to produce a top-quality lawn which is green and healthy. The seeds used to grow sod are of top-quality. The sod strips are also lifted with special machines which give them the appearance of carper rolls.

3. Minimal irrigation.

Newly planted sod will only require to be watered two times a day for several weeks after being planted. To help seed germination, the seeded lawn will need to be watered about 4 times every day. Less irrigation will be needed with sodding.

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