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Desert Racing and Short Course Racing

Any person can take place in off road racing. The sport has a long history. There are various forms of off road racing. This race involves different vehicles, ranging from motorcycles, cars to trucks. Off road racing brings different people together. Each race has its particular rules and terms.

Before racing, one has to choose a category to participate in. Different competitions have different sets of rules that have to be adhered to. The rules are not meant to be broken, under any circumstance, and doing so has severe consequences. Worst case scenario, one may get disqualified from the race. Every participant of the event follows the same route, and the winner gets the prize. Off road racing comprises mainly of desert and short course racing.

Desert racing events are held in the desert. The first race ever was held in the Mexican desert, and this was in 1967 after the national off road racing Association was formed. Originally named the Mexican 1000, this race was later renamed the Baja 1000. Most of the desert races are set in miles and take place on government land. depending on the vehicle, the distance covered is determined by the suspension system set up together with the size of the engine. different vehicles have different engine sizes as well as suspension systems that handle stress and strain differently, hence the process. The number of miles covered by each vehicle can be determined depending on other factors.

Compared to desert racing, short course races are shorter. The miles covered are short, typically less than five. Gravel tips, washboards, jumps and left and right turns common in short course races. Stadium racing involves races that are held in stadiums. The government previously supported these races. Because of the lack of government support, these races are now supported and promoted by private entities, with more prominence in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and California.

Hill climb racing, another form of off road racing, takes place on hills. Any other form of racing that takes place on unpaved or unspecified tracks is still regarded as off road racing. Discussed above are the forms of off road racing, desert racing, short course racing, and hill climb racing. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to participate either as a competitor or as a thrill seeking adventurer. You can try out racing today, if you have never done it before. It will be fun, as long as you have the right equipment and attire. Off road racing is divided into so many broad categories and before settling for one, you should know where your passion lays.

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